Company Services
Our Search and Selection Process


Discussion with Client Company

  • Discuss job description (duties and responsibilities)

  • Determine candidate background required

  • Strive to gain an understanding of both company and department culture

  • Resolve hiring process

Planning and Research

  • Develop criteria for evaluating candidate

  • Develop search strategy

  • Research our database, network sources, client's competitors, etc.

  • Identify confidential referral sources

  • Using above, develop list of potential candidates to contact (typically about 150)

Candidate Contact

  • Act as your spokesman—present the opportunity the way you want it presented

  • Present position to those who show an interest (usually 40—60)

  • Do in-depth telephone interviews of the most qualified (usually 10—15)

  • Narrow down to “short list” of the top 2-4 finalists who:

    • Meet technical requirements

    • Meet personal requirements

    • Have a genuine interest in the position at the prescribed compensation package

Presentation to the Company

  • Present the “short list”

  • Schedule interviews and monitor interviewing process

  • Prepare candidates and client for interviews

  • After interview, debrief candidates and client and provide prompt feedback

Hiring Process

  • Present the results of reference checks

  • Verify candidate's minimum compensation expectations

  • Assist in developing the offer

  • Assist with salary negotiations

  • Extend offer, get acceptance, agree on start date

  • Counsel candidate regarding resignation and dealing with a counteroffer

Transition Support

  • Provide relocation assistance including cost-of-living information, van line discounts, realtor introductions, etc.

  • Follow up with candidate to assure smooth transition

  • Provide feedback to client from candidate follow-ups


"A chicken doesn't stop scratching just because worms are scarce." --Grandma's Axiom



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