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W.H. Gurley Associates recommends résumé services provided by Julie Rains of Executive Correspondents .

A three-step guide for resume preparation that follows Julie's protocol:


  1. Heading (name and contact information);
  2. Summary of Qualifications (professional credentials; language skills);
  3. Professional Experience (name, description, city, state, dates of your employment for each employer; title and dates for each position);
  4. Education (degree, institution, city, state, and date of graduation; additional studies, institution, and date of completion or attendance; specialized training);
  5. Professional Activities (name of organizations with dates of association; professional designations);
  6. Community Activities (positions and/or offices held, organization names, and dates of association);
  7. Other: such as Publications/Presentations or Patents.


  1. Summary of Qualifications (specialized experience, skills, and knowledge);
  2. Professional Experience details for each position (overview of position responsibilities; functional areas of accountability; volumes; supporting details listed in sequential order; accomplishments with specific, measurable results; major projects and their outcomes);
  3. Education (honors);
  4. Professional Activities and Community Activities (duties that reinforce or expand your experience base; accomplishments).


  1. Make sure that the vocabulary and writing style is appropriate for your target audience and career goals;
  2. Replace company lingo with industry or general terms;
  3. Delete sensitive and highly confidential information;
  4. Eliminate items not relevant to your career goals;
  5. Reorganize content or rename headings based on your background;
  6. Edit for space purposes by reducing the verbiage associated with less significant items;
  7. Check for accuracy and clarity.

Questions? Submit them to Julie for possible publication in Resume FAQs.

Want to learn more about Executive Correspondents or hire a professional résumé writer? Visit and send an email from there.


"You miss 100% of the shots you never take." --Wayne Gretzky



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